Single review: Redlight feat. Melisa Whiskey – ‘Threshold’

A dark and restrained cut from Bristol’s finest serves as a promising hint for his upcoming debut LP.

Originally published in The Edge

Opening with a twelve-piece orchestra building a foundation reminiscent of Ian Brown‘s ‘F.E.A.R.,’ ‘Threshold’ lacks the typical elasticity of Redlight‘s work, though not the listenability.

Compared to previous singles ‘Gold Teeth’ and ‘Lion Jungle’, the radio-friendly sensibilities are explicit. Vocalist Melisa Whiskey leads us through a tale of a relationship that’s falling apart packed with clichés (the finest – “we just keep treading on these fault lines” – appears in the pre-chorus), whilst superb production and subtle instrumentation keeps the listener clinging on. Even the backing fading to near nought cannot hinder it, as Whiskey soars before an emphatic climax that disappoints only in its curtailed duration. Continue reading “Single review: Redlight feat. Melisa Whiskey – ‘Threshold’”

Single review: Diplo & Sleepy Tom – ‘Be Right There’

An expert combination of ’90s R&B and future house tendencies provides the perfect antidote to the impending winter blues.

Originally published in The Edge

Is Diplo human? It’s hard to tell. 2015 has already seen him produce half a Madonna album, release two collaborative records of his own (under the Major Lazer and Jack Ü monikers) which saw singles running charts worldwide, remix Tiësto and Rihanna, launch a second radio show, and release another track with . His finest four minutes, though? ‘Be Right There,’ a reconstruction of Jade‘s 1992 single ‘Don’t Walk Away‘ alongside Canadian upcomer and fellow workaholic Sleepy Tom. Continue reading “Single review: Diplo & Sleepy Tom – ‘Be Right There’”

Single review: Bloc Party – ‘The Love Within’

Bloc Party 2.0 slinks to the fore with a delightful display of technique and imagery.

Originally published in The Edge

The Bloc Party of 2015 is not the Bloc Party you know and love, or even the Bloc Party of Four. Since their latest hiatus began in 2013, half the band – drummer Matt Tong and bassist/backing vocalist/glockenspiel player/album art designer Gordon Moakes – have split away after being together through much of this millennium. Early 2016 will bring new album Hymns, with added Louise Bartle and Justin Harris, and ‘The Love Within’ is our first chance to gauge the transition. Continue reading “Single review: Bloc Party – ‘The Love Within’”